This Is How Much A New Deck Addition You’ll Love Costs

This Is How Much Your Neighbors In Chevy Chase, Bethesda, Potomac, And Montgomery County, Maryland Are Investing To Love Their Outdoor Area

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Finding out the cost of building a deck is a great idea! You can use it to better plan and budget, which can reduce the stress of a home improvement project.

In this post, you can discover the cost of a deck installation. You can also find out the main factors that can change the price.

Boredom Relief And New Entertainment Space

“And why is it a great idea to get a deck?” asks Matt.

Heather smiles. “Because it’ll be a great investment! We’re both bored sitting around inside all the time, admit it. Plus, if we have an outdoor area to entertain in we can have people over!”

“You know, when you’re right, you’re right. And, I have to say, you’re right,” smiles Matt. Heather claps her hands excitedly. “Wonderful! I haven’t done much research yet. I wanted to make sure it was ok with you before I did. The first step, find out the cost of a deck addition.”

Heather unlocks her phone and starts searching for answers on Google. “Maybe you’ll have some luck looking on a contractor’s deck service page,” suggests Matt. “Find decks and a deck builder at the same time.” Heather nods.

Here’s what she finds:

The Cost Of Having A Deck Built

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The cost of a new deck addition runs anywhere from $35,000 to over $200,000. It mainly depends on the exact size of your deck, your choice of materials, upgrades, and the overall design. 

The cost of a standard deck – About $35,000. This is for building a new standard composite deck around 200 square feet. It includes a door to the deck, stairs, and a limited selection of colors and materials.

The cost of an average deck – About $90,000. This is for building a new deck around 350 square feet. It includes a door to the deck, stairs, and more colors and material options.

The cost of a high-end deck – About $165,000. This is for building a new deck around 600 square feet. It includes a door to the deck, stairs, and several more color, material, and upgrade options.

The Price-Changing Factors For Building A New Deck

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Size. Larger decks take more time, materials, and labor. Smaller decks tend to be less expensive because they don’t.

Material choice. Wood, composite, aluminum, steel, and other materials have different costs. They can drive the price up or down. Some are worth it, like composite which is more durable and easier to maintain than wood.

Upgrades. This can include metal railings, benches, skirts, lights, a drink rail, and more. Upgrades do cost more but you can use them to have a better time on your deck.

Overall design. More complex designs are harder to build, driving up cost. Less complex designs are easier and quicker to build, driving the price down.

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“We’ve got some planning and budgeting to do now!” chirps Heather happily. Matt chuckles. “I’m glad you’re happy, hon. I bet you can find more helpful deck info on this blog!”

More deck posts coming soon!