The 10 Steps We’ll Take When Bringing Your Vision To Life

These Are The Steps We Take With Our Clients In Chevy Chase, Bethesda, Potomac, And Montgomery County, Maryland

Couple watching their kitchen go from a drawing to real

It’s always uncomfortable to not know what it’s like to work with someone or what’s going to happen. We want you to be comfortable and even happy when working with us.

In this post, you can find out our 10 step process from initial call to final walk-through. You can find out more information like deposit schedule, amount, and more.

Aren’t You Worried?

“Worried about what, working with this home remodeler?” asks Matt.

Heather nods, forehead wrinkling. “Who wouldn’t be anxious about working with a new contractor? Even if they have great reviews and pictures, we don’t know what’s it like to work with them. ”

Matt nods, rubbing her back. “Yeah, not knowing the process for working with a contractor is kind of how it goes. But,” -Matt smiles and hands her his phone- “it’s a good thing this one isn’t like that.”

Heather looks at Matt’s phone in confusion. “What is this?” Matt smiles. “Remember those blog posts they sent us? Like the one we read on kitchen remodeling costs? One of them goes over their process and even gives some details on it. Read what’s on the screen.”

Here’s what Heather finds out:

Pitt Brothers’ 10 Step Process For Working With Clients

Drawing a remodeled master bathroom as it comes to life
  1. Schedule Initial Call
    1. Our office manager will call, text and email you to introduce us as a company and provide you with a scheduling link for scheduling your initial phone consultation.
  2. Our Your Sales Representative Will Contact You
    1. We’ll ask you questions and answer your’s, so we can get a better idea of what your needs and desires are in the project.
    2. We are looking for more general information about the project and the call will focus much more on your needs that the finishes of the project.
    3. We can usually give you some ballpark pricing, right over the phone, of what other customers have invested into similar projects.
  3. Schedule
    1. If you didn’t hang up when you heard the pricing and feel you are ready to move forward with us, your sales rep will provide a scheduling link for scheduling the On-Site Consultation
  4. Arrive For An On-Site Consultation
    1. Confirm measurements
    2. Confirm any major changes or issues.
    3. Determine most of the finishes
    4. Establish final pricing
  5. Finalize Contract
    1. Sign contract
    2. Put down a 50% deposit and get on the schedule
  6. Purchase Materials And Ship Them To Our Warehouse
    1. We do this to prevent delays caused by material handling, which can help keep your project on schedule
    2. We also check for quality and the correct amount
  7. Schedule Transfer Of Trust On-Site Visit
    1. We’ll introduce you to your project manager
    2. Go over the full scope of work with you and your project manager
    3. Set expectations for the project and have a clear understanding of the project by everyone.
  8. Project Start Day
    1. Transport all materials via trailer, which may stay out front throughout the project
  9. Begin Project
    1. When we reach a certain milestone (usually before we do any finishes) we’ll ask for another 40% of the project payment
  10. Finish Installation
    1. Final walk-through to ensure you love your project
    2. Figure out the final total of all allowance vs actual budget for the finishes
    3. Calculate the final payment based on the overages or credits from your allowance
    4. Provide you with an Allowance Report
    5. Receive final invoice
    6. We’ll ask you for a review
    7. We may also have a photographer come to take pictures of your amazing new project!

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“A huge weight just lifted off of my shoulders,” sighs Heather, settling into the couch with a smile. Matt smiles too. “Great! Why don’t you read some of the other ones? Might make you even more comfortable working with these guys.”