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Rewarding You For Sharing The Pitt Bros Name

How Our Referrals Work

We feel referrals are the most powerful tool in growing our business and brand. As there is always a cost for acquiring a new customer, we feel it is best to use that cost to reward you for referring someone to use to have a renovation project completed. Here, you will find a complete outline of our referral programs and how you could either make some extra cash, or receive credits for a project you want done.

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Fill out the form below with all of your information, choose how you want to be paid, read accept the terms of service and submit the form. Once submitted, taken to the confirmation page where you will find a link to Apple Store or the Google Play Store to download our app.

Submit Referrals Through the app

All referrals are submitted through the app and are tracked under your account. You will get push notifications of all deal updates throughout the sales process stages. Once a contract is signed, your account will be credited your referral fee.

Enjoy the rewards

Whether you are getting paid out, or building up credits towards a renovation for yourself, rest assured, you will be able to track your success and reap the rewards you have made for yourself by simply sharing the name of Pitt Bros.

Consumer Advocate Referral Agreement

By submitting the form below, you hereby agree to the following terms and conditions of the Consumer Advocate Referral Agreement, herein referred to as “The Agreement“. This agreement establishes an At Will, Independent Contractor Relationship between Pitt Bros Casas Del Sol, LLC, Herein referred to as The Company and You, herein referred to as “The Advocate“.


The Advocate and The Company hereby agree that this agreement does not establish a partnership, ownership in The Company nor does it establish an Employee/Employer agreement. The Advocate is not entitled to any benefits offered or normally offered to to any employee.

Expense Reimbursement:

The Advocate understands that The Company does not reimburse for any expenses associated with generating leads, to including but not limited to marketing expenses, gas, phone bills, electrical bills etc.


The Advocate understands all compensation to be paid will strictly follow the schedule below and no compensation shall be paid outside of said schedule. The Advocate understands The Company will not pay advances on funds estimated to be awarded in the future. The Company will pay The Advocate through its Company App and it will be the responsibility of The Advocate to withdraw those funds to their bank account. The Advocate will receive a credit in their App Account within 48 hours of receiving cleared payment for a signed contract that was a result from The Advocates referral.

Advocate Tiers:
  • Tier 1 Company Advocates will receive 1% of the total Gross Contract Amount
  • Tier 2 Company Advocates will receive 1.5% of the total Gross Contract Amount
    • To become Tier 2, you must either
      • Refer  10 customers that sign contracts with The Company
      • Become a customer yourself by purchasing a renovation from The Company.
      • Be an Employee or Subcontractor of The Company
  • 0.25% Gross Commission Override – Referring another advocate who referred a signed project.
  • 25% Company Credit in Lieu of Cash Bonus – Accepting your payment as a credit towards a project with The Company rather than as a cash payment. This applies to all rewards available in you App Account. This does not apply to rewards that have already been paid out.
    • Company Credits can be used for up to 50% of the cost of any project.

This agreement any be terminated at any time for any reason by The Company or The Advocate. 


The Company will issue a 1099 K by January 31 for the previous tax year. This shall only apply to Advocates who receive a total aggregate payout exceeding $600 in a fiscal year.

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