Catastrophic Loss, Mitigation & Restoration Management

Let Pitt Brothers Get Your Life Back Together After A Catastrophic Loss, Water Leak or Fire.

The Disaster You Never Wanted, The Contractor You Always Needed

Having a Catastrophic Disaster happen to your home is never something you expect. When one does happen, you need a contractor who not only knows how to get your home built back to normal, but one who can take the complete burden of dealing with your insurance off your shoulders. Lets face it, you’re dealing with enough stress and the last thing you need to worry about is “Is my insurance going to screw me?”. Pitt Bros has the experience and willingness to do both for you. We help you with:

  • Water Loss
  • Emergency Mitigation
  • Tree Removal from House
  • Wind & Hail Damages
  • Fire Damage
  • Complete Claims Management

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How It Works

Getting your home back in order is our top priority. At Pitt Brothers, we’ll make sure your entire claims process is handled from start to finish, so you can worry less and reduce stress.

Emergency On-Site Consultation

Get in touch with us to briefly discuss what is happening to your home. We will quickly setup an emergency onsite Consultation and Mitigation Appointment to evaluate the issue, mitigate additional damages and begin the claims filing process with you.

Claims Management & Restoration

At the in-home consultation, we execute an instrument called an Assignment of Benefits and Contract for Service. This instrument gives us the ability to manage your entire claim for you, immediately start planning and working on restoring your home and to get paid directly from the insurance company.

Get Back to living your life

Once the restoration of your home is complete, we bill the insurance company directly. No dealing with crazy adjusters who try to shortchange you on bring your home back to normal. The only thing we ever collect from you is your deductible.

what is an assignment of benefits

This is the most common question we get asked during the Cat Loss process. What is an Assignment of Benefits Contract?

Believe it or not, chances are, you have used one many times in your life. When you go to the doctor, you sign an assignment of benefits agreement, giving your healthcare provider the ability to file a claim to your  health insurance on your behalf, negotiate payments and ultimately get paid directly from your insurance company.

When a property owner files an insurance claim to cover a restoration or roofing project, the owner typically deals directly with the insurance company. They may not have the funds available to pay the contractor out of pocket, so they’re counting on that insurance check to cover the construction costs. This process can be extremely stressful and costly, and if you say the wrong thing. Its much like your Miranda Rights, whatever you say Can & Will Be Used Against You In A Court Of Law. There are many thing that homeowners can say that can get certain parts of a claim denied simply because it was stated incorrectly.

An assignment of benefits, or AOB, is an agreement to transfer insurance claim rights to a third party. It gives the assignee authority to file and negotiate a claim directly with the insurance company, without the need to involve the property owner. 

An AOB also allows the insurer to pay the contractor directly instead of funneling funds through the customer.

Here’s an example: A property owner’s roof is damaged in a hurricane. The owner contacts a restoration company to repair the damage, and signs an AOB to transfer their insurance rights to the contractor. The contractor, now the assignee, negotiates the claim directly with the insurance company. The insurer will pay the claim by issuing a check for the repairs directly to the restoration contractor. 

Pitt Brothers uses AOB’s for all insurance restoration related projects. It helps us speed up the process of filing the claim, restoring your home and to ensure all of the work needed to repair the damages are covered in the claim.

For a look into the pros & cons of AOB’s or to get a better understanding of them, look at this article from BusinessInsider

Homeowners Like You Say…

Here at Pitt Brothers, we treat your home as if it was our own, and we don’t stop until you’re absolutely happy with every single detail. Besides our love for design and building incredible home spaces, we also love building strong relationships with our customers. Here’s what other homeowners like you say about us:


Thanks for everything.

We have been so pleased with your responsiveness and with the work of all of your men.

We would recommend you without reservation.


Just wanted to thank you again for the work you did.

I’m really pleased with how it all works.

Hats off to you and your crew.


Thanks. Everything is great.

You were so good and neat. I hardly knew you had been here.

I appreciate your getting it taken care of so promptly.

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