The Case Against Pressure Treated Decks

Much needed information for people in Chevy Chase, Bethesda, Potomac and Northern VA looking to build a new Deck.

If you are looking to build a new deck or resurface an old one, this article will give you much needed information to help you make an informed decision.

In today’s world, most people love the idea of being able to retreat to an outdoor living space without the need to take a vacation. Let’s face it, the world move at a very fast pace and sometimes we need a space where it seems time can just slow down. A Luxury Deck is a perfect combination of added space and fiscal decision making your little outdoor paradise that much more enticing.

Like most things we buy, building a deck on your home means additional on-going maintenance. For most, we simply don’t have the time to perform all of the maintenance needed to make a typical deck last a long time.

Unfortunately, the experts at Pitt Brothers see the story of Mary and Bill. The couple had a contractor come and install a deck on their home in Potomac 6 years ago. Wanting to ensure he got the job, the contractor proposed a low cost, Pressure-Treated deck for Mary and Bill. I his haste to “Get The Job”, the Contractor never went over the on-going maintenance requirements for Mary and Bill’s new deck. To start it off, the Contractor wasn’t able to come back 1 year later to stain and seal the deck like was needed. Why? Because the Contractor price his projects so low, his business ended up having to close due to financial difficulties.

On top of this epic failure by the Contractor, Mary and Bill were never told about the need to have the deck Re-Sealed each year. The result? 6 Years after their amazing new deck was built, it looks like this:

Mary and Bills Deck Before

Crazy Right???!!!!

At Pitt Brothers, we want our clients to be able to make fully informed decisions, which is why we take the time during the design phase of any project to advise our customers of any and all on-going maintenance requirements or potential problems they may have relating to a particular design. As for decks, we made the decision to simply not use Pressure-Treated Decking or Rails in any of our Instillations. Why? A Few Reasons…

  1. With the price of materials and labor rising during the COVID pandemic, adding up the additional maintenance cost over the life of a deck, it is actually more expensive to build and maintain a PT deck verses a Composite Deck.
  2. It is much easier for us to provide a long term warranty on a composite deck than it is for a PT deck.
  3. What homeowner wants us the build a deck for them, only to need them or us to do large maintenance work on the deck each year?
  4. Finally, it just look better to be able to walk away from a finished project knowing it will look the same now as it will in 10, 15 or even 20 years, and knowing the only maintenance the homeowner will need to do is washing the deck every 2 years. A service we include in certain deck build packages.


We could give you a thousand reasons why you should go with Pitt Brothers to build your deck, but in the end, you just need to ask yourself, is the company I am going with going to be around to live up to their promises they have made me?