This Is How Much A Quality Bathroom Remodel Costs In Maryland

People In Chevy Chase, Bethesda, Potomac, And Montgomery County, Maryland Are Investing This Much To Create A New, Updated Look For Their Bathrooms

Large master bathroom remodel

It’s a smart move to try and find out how much something costs first. It makes planning and budgeting much easier.

In this post, you can find bathroom remodel prices. You can also discover the main reasons the cost can go up or down.

It’s Basically A Time Machine

“When you step into our bathroom it’s like walking into the past,” complains Heather.

Matt snorts. “You got that right. The pink walls and green tiles are right out of grandma’s bathroom. Hey, hon, how much does a bathroom remodel cost?”

Heather shrugs. “I have no idea. Wait,” -she digs her phone from her purse- “I actually talked to a contractor about bathroom remodeling the other day. They sent me some blog posts to help me answer my questions. Now I have the answer here somewhere…”

“Aha! I found it,” says Heather happily, waving Matt to come closer. Matt walks over to her so he can read the post.

Here’s what the couple finds out:

How Much A Bathroom Remodel Costs

Drawing a remodeled master bathroom as it comes to life

A bathroom remodel can cost anywhere from $8,000 to $40,000 and higher. It depends on the size, material choice, vanities, finishes, overall design, the number of fixtures, age, and damages.

Shower Conversion Cost – $13,000 – $18,000 . This includes new shower pan, floor tile, wall tile, shower niche, faucet & shower head and a standard glass shower door.

Standard Guest/Hallway Bathroom Remodel Cost – $18,000 – $30,000. This includes a new tub or shower with niche, vanity, toilet, floor tile, single-sink faucet, mirror, fan, and 2 recessed lights.

Base Master Or Average Bathroom Remodel Cost – $24,000 – $40,000. This includes a new tub or shower with niche, vanity, toilet, floor tile, single-sink faucet, mirror, fan, and 2 recessed lights.

High-End Master Bathroom Remodel Cost – $50,000 – $100,000+. This includes a curbless shower and tub, double sinks and mirrors, toilet and bidet, new tile and floors, new lights, and high-end finishes.

*These prices are all averages and can change depending on the factors below.

The Main Reasons Bathroom Remodeling Costs Change

Hallway bathroom remodel

Size. Larger bathrooms are usually pricier because you need more materials, time, and labor to do the remodel. Smaller ones can be costly too depending on a combination of the other factors.

Material choice. Stock, semi-custom, custom, marble, vinyl, tile, and other material choices can affect how much a bathroom remodel costs. Higher-quality materials do cost more but they tend to look better and last longer.

Moving Fixtures. One of the biggest renovation tasks that increase the cost of renovating a bathroom are moving fixtures around. Moving a toilet 8 inches to get more room for your shower is simple, but moving it to the other side of the room brings in many challenges and costs

Bathroom Designing. One of the most overlooked costs in bathroom renovations is your bathroom design. Using a standard design package we offer saves us time and money, and those savings transfer over to you. We are happy to work with you to create a complete custom design, just know that it will cost a bit extra.

Small luxury bathroom remodel

Design Complexity. A major part of how much bathroom remodels cost is the complexity of your design. Less complex designs, like just updating the look, don’t take as much work. More complex jobs can involve moving or adding fixtures, special tile layouts and many other custom options, which takes more work to do.

The number of fixtures. More fixtures mean more you can remodel. Master bathrooms cost more partly because they have more fixtures – two sinks, a bathtub, a larger shower, and a toilet.

Age. With complex remodels, age is a cost factor. Older bathrooms usually need electrical and plumbing updating before remodeling. Older bathrooms also typically have more potential hidden issues such as tile over tile and rotting floors, factors we take into account when renovating older bathrooms.

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“Now we know the cost, what’s next?” asks Matt. Heather smiles. “We start planning and designing! Though, I would like to see what other bathroom remodeling posts are on this blog. Might find something cool or useful.”